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ICD-9 and ICD-10 Compliant

In 1989, Noble House created Noble*Direct software, with two goals in mind- to design a software with functional, operational and analytical capabilities, as well as to being known as the best, top notch technical support team in the industry. Noble House has achieved both!

Noble*Direct is a fully functional billing and claims management windows software. Our software helps DME/HME, Practice Management Software, Claims Management, Billing Insurance Claims, companies manage their business by providing detailed reports for performance analysis and creating strategies for future growth and expansion.

Increased governmental regulations and competitive pressures demand well-designed operational software for peak productivity, cash flow and profits. Therefore, Noble*Direct was designed with approved HIPAA Electronic Claims, ERN Posting, Custom Physician Orders, CMNs, Repeat Billing, Document Image Scanning, Real-Time Patient Eligibility, Patient Scheduling and more to ease that pressure and increase office productivity.

Why is Noble*Direct Rated as the #1 Choice for DME Software?

Ease of Use – DME providers should spend their time providing optimal service to their clients. DME software and Practice Management Software, should be simple and easy to learn. Training new billing personnel becomes a quick, painless process which, in most cases, can be achieved in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.

Fully Functional Operational and Analytical Capabilities – Our solutions can help to properly manage your business, providing operational guidance, a vision of past performance as well as strategies for future growth and expansion. Without such essential resources, today’s provider conducts business in the dark, not fully understanding the company’s role or place.

Proactive Technical Support and Service – Lengthy wait times for call-backs should be a thing of the past. Noble House clients experience fresh and creative solutions from our experienced, well-informed technical support personnel in the most timely manner possible.

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Hear What Other Noble*Direct Customers Have to Say…

“I have enjoyed my partnership with Noble House for the last five years. The company has been extremely pro-active by providing innovative new processes and mandated changes within its Noble Direct billing program. The technical support has been exemplary. Their support personnel worked closely with me initially and this relationship has continued to today. Noble Direct is an intuitive, easy to use billing solution that provides all the features that have allowed my business to grow.”

Robert S.

Office Manager, Expert Medical Doctors

“Noble Direct’s online eligibility function is invaluable to our business. Our CSRs can quickly query insurance eligibility and real-time deductible balances for patients and prospects. We are able to inquire both for Medicare patients and those having private insurances. This feature has allowed us to better manage claims and collections while servicing our patients more seamlessly. Thank you, Noble House.”

Rachel M.

Billing Manager, Capital City Medicine

“We used a number of billing programs prior to selecting Noble House. We chose Noble House because their billing program appeared to be very easy to use and we felt that we would be more valued as a client. Over the years, this has proven to be true. Customer service to our patients, our claims processing, inventory management and collections are under control and we rely heavily on Noble House and the Noble Direct billing program. We have a better handle on our business and use most of the features and processes within the billing program. We value our close relationship with the folks at Noble House and thank them for their continued assistance to our company.”

Bill F.

DME Manager, Chicago Pediatrics

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